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Posts from — July 2011

jerk stew

It’s hard not to be truly, deeply and maddeningly un-nerved by the news these days watching Obama try to work out a way to balance america’s dept crisis when it seems like you have republicans who just want to say no to anything he endorses, just because he endorsed it.
Oh honey’s I’m not saying there aren’t dems who do the same thing, that being, vote based on what’s good for their party and their careers and not good for the country, but right now, when we are just finally starting to crawl out of this recession, to possibly be plunged back in because jerks are playing the partisan game makes me ill.

I personally feel that anyone who refused to help out here just because of partisanship should be kicked out of office. I mean politicians are voted in with the job requirement of doing what’s’ right for America aren’t they?

But damn it’s like so few of them really seem to care if what’s right for America hurts their party!!

I’m sick of it and I know most of you are too.

Anyway its too annoying to write any further about this crapola so instead i will dwell on happier things
Like what’s going to happen to in nyc this Sunday
Something over 800 same-sex couples are expected to get married tomorrow in NY! oh man to legally marry in NYC, a dream come true and such a great huge step forward for equal rights for all!!

Oh of course the protestors will be out in full force, probably the same folks who some years back would have protested against interracial marriage or letting the Japanese out of interment camps or letting Jews into their country clubs or maybe they’re the same folks who protest against giving out condoms in third world countries to stop the spread of AIDS or maybe their the same folks who think AIDS is the proper payment for the evil of homosexuality. I’m sick of small-minded yahoos.

I think the anti-human rights protesting pricks and the yahoos who would rather see America go broke then vote against their party should all go to another planet where they can start their own in-humane world and maybe hang up a Nazi flag while they’re at it and just kill each other!

Let me just say it once to get if off my chest…. assholes!!

Sorry you know I rarely curse on this site but it was just brewing for too long!

well dears that was my purge of the moment i feel much better now
happy summer

July 23, 2011   1 Comment

Care Bear

hey kids
im out in provincetown mass
enjoying bear week
for those not in the know
hmmm how shall i explain the bear
okay well i think it was a movement against the gay male scene of waxed chest, washboard abs, zero body fat, hair done just so, teeth whitened kinda scene
basically normal, hairy, guys with beer guts were tired of being dissed
and wanted their own scene at which to meet other guys who maybe were chubby, hairy and went to barbers not hair salons
anyway the scene took off and now bear week is probably the busiest week in ptown
personally i love the bears
they love to eat
love to laugh
and like women
they’re happy and the people in town make money

probably the only drag is that line is too long for all the food places
and i did once have to leave the pool when one too many bears
caused the filter to clog from too much body hair

but hey maybe im old fashioned
i like a guy to have some body hair
a little weight on him
some muscle
but not the work out 7 days a week muscle
maybe just work out in his garage and lift a budweiser case
now and then muscle

the circuit boy scene
which happens i think around july 4
is filled with men who seem to hate women
hate food
and hate body fat

as my sister used to say Snot

bring on the bears any day
i am goldilocks honey!

other folks in town this week
otters – which i think are bears with no body hair
cubs- which i think are small bears or young bears
and a host of other happy mammals

July 12, 2011   1 Comment

Casey Stink

I believe I heard Ann Coulter say the only thing I’ve ever heard come out of her mouth that I agreed with when she asked, “Can‘t we just have a white trash station?” So that all the baby killers, wife stabbers etc etc can just be talked about on that channel and the rest of us can go back to watching the news. Or well not her exact verbiage but you get the point.

While I do agree there should just be the Jerry Springer news station. I also have to admit my dears, I got sucked in anyway, even though like so many of you, I knew Casey was guilty as hell and it would surely be an easy conviction.

But when the jury couldn’t find enough evidence to declare her guilty beyond reasonable doubt the lady got off. Certainly as shocking as OJ and the comparisons are already being made of course. Except that OJ was not white trash, some other kind of trash for sure.

I don’t understand how anyone could kill this adorable little girl. The photos of darling Caylee are haunting.

But the fact that Casey is probably about to make buckets of dollars giving interviews and to become a superstar is somehow all the more gross.

Industry folks have said she may make a million dollars for her first interview. Wow nice reward for being horrible!?

ABC has already paid her $200,000 for photos!


If she didn’t kill darling Caylee, if the adorable two year old drowned in the pool, she certainly hid the body and lied to the police. There was a decomposing body in the trunk of her car. Chloroform in the car! She got out of jail and was sent back in for forging checks all over the place! Lying, stealing, cheating and hiding bodies! The lady is full scale gross.

The only justice served to OJ was what happened after the trial. He lost the civil case had to dole out his fortune and become the biggest loser of the century. (No disrespect to the TV show here). Nobody wants anything to do with OJ and rightfully so. I’m looking forward to seeing him panhandling on the freeway sometime soon.

I can imagine loving moms seeing Casey in the supermarket may want to run their carts into hers. Folks may want to spit on her. Okay the court of law did not have enough evidence to say, GUILTY BEYOND RESONABLE DOUBT, but I think the court of people do.

Yes in this country it’s important to stick with innocent until proven guilty. This is true of course, but I’m sorry. I just think this lady stinks on ice!

July 6, 2011   1 Comment