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Posts from — April 2011

Help Him Help Us

i took a break from the wild ass thunderstorm
thats been going on for the last 24 hours here on cape cod
yeah the provincetown mass that i left nyc for
you know for the long walks on the beach

only to find myself huddled up while the waves and the wind and the rain are roaring
but i digress
i waded through some pond size puddles to make it to the muscle beach gym
and plopped myself on the machine what do you call it
i was getting bored when a tattooed muscle boy put in
Obama’s speech
and then i was hooked and wound up getting a full hour of cardio
of course today was all about the deficit
the economy etc
but you know what i felt
well moved but really scared shitless
i mean what i was hearing was that
things i have always taken for granted
assuming they would be there if we needed them
like medicaire and social security
really were part of the chopping block
or large parts of them
oh honey
it just makes me want to find my old shoes and throw them at
george bush junya
that little jerk!
but yeah
i know
it takes a lot more then one man to ruin an economy
and it will take a lot more then obama to save it
i would not pretend to be an expert
on all this
honey i have enough trouble balancing my own affairs
but i do think hitting up the top 1%
to pay some moolah to help
america not have to put the retirees in the garbage is a good thing
i think bill gates, warren buffet, mike bloomberg,
tom cruise, opra winfrey, madonna, hillary clinton, everyone in the gw bush family, sting, and donny and marie osmond can all afford to dig a little deeper so that hard working folks will be protected after all their years as working class citizens

one thing i do know
is that i am sick of tired of this being a republican thing
or a democrat thing
the country’s finances are in the toilet
it’s an american thing

i want to see both parties throw out their crap
shake hands
and get to work

it doesn’t matter if you like obama
or hate him
help the man
help us
for crying out loud!

i don’t want us to owe our country to china!

April 13, 2011   1 Comment