Friday, July 27

jeff stryker and more

only in ptown mass
could you have adventures like i have
for instance this morning i was swiming in the bay
and happened upon
80's porn idol (and dildo model) Jeff Stryker
yes indeedee there he was chest implants and all
we have a brief chat about how cold the water was
and then i basically just did the doggie paddle hoping he would take off his sweat pants and i could then see his famous 13 inch package
but alas
perhaps knowing most mortals have this curiousity he only rolled up his pants legs
and lied down
so close and yet so far

other news in town
kathleen turner was in town
asking for booze at the red in at 11:30 am
and booze is not allowed till after noon
she got wise and ordered a virgin screw driver

carly simon was in town looking gorgeous lips
as big as ever

i met Cher
no the drag cher
the story goes according to ptown legend
a week or so before i arrived
fell backwards and impaled herself
with a sign post up her tuchas
shes fine
but oy
what a site
screaming drag queens everywhere

well kids thats all the news for now
fill you in more later


Sunday, July 22


hi kids
still in ptown
having quite the adventure
the word this week is
yes dears
what does a city gal like moi
do when she discovers her tiny little beach pad
has fleas

she screams
puts Front line on her cat
and screams

im exhausted

i need i husband
on other news

i need to take a moment to send you over
to a fabulous blog
my new pal charlotte
has a fantastic media alternative
charlotte is a verteran television mama
with a huge documentary past
and now shes rocking this new site
go to
(dont have time to figure out the code dears im
fried and wined
and all that
but check her out

saw the great and divine leah delaria
last night
she sings like a grand damn of jazz
and has the mouth of as truck driver
her act included a song called

wack a butt plug
you gotta love it

ill keep you posted dears

Monday, July 16

ptown more...

hi kids
im here in the land of wine and money
yes it can be pricey in ptown
no more are the cheap pot luck dinners
and artists and writers
more now
are the boston guppies
and 30 dollar steaks
but no one can take away
the beach
and the history
and shhhhh
i heard a rumor that real estate prices are down
and the artists may be coming back home

i had my great gal pal in town
the divine
anne marie
who got this cowgirl out on the dance floor proper
anne marie
is sort of a cross between bernadette peters
and bette boop
just a doll
thanks mama
for shaking some fun into my world for a few days
and your hair looked fabulous!

its writing and painting
walking on the bay
and then an early supper with a grande dame of great painters in town

my odd provincetown story for the week
was the elderly eccentric woman in red
who was hooting around town while in the back of a pedi-cab
ya know one of those bicycle driven rick shaws
she pulled over and gave me a green onion from her garden
evidentally she had chosen to spend her birthday
doling out onions to those she deemed deserving

only in ptown kids
only in ptown

Sunday, July 8

rossi on the cape

hi kids
im here in lovely provincetown mass.
finding my inner art child
i had the pleasure of hanging with the great tim-aka broken man-aka super man
a great straight bear, those in the know know of what i speak
who not only sawed hammered and put together my broken deck furniture for me
but protected me from a strange young drunk man who walked into my little pad
and went to sleep on my floor
i kid you not!
im so happy to be outa the city i could just plotz
time to breathe
time to remember
that i am a painter
i am a writer
i am a woman
i roar
all the cooking
and business
and bla bla can just wait
a long ass time

tis good to be away

i shall sip a glass of white wine
on the back deck of pepe's warf
for you
and salute the sea gulls

see ya

Sunday, July 1

Nuts in the U.K.

tell me kids
cause i just heard this and i need to know if its true

is it true the UK banned teaching about the holocaust
in their schools
because it offends moslem children who say the holocaust never happened???
please tell me this is not true!!

ya know
for anyone 60 years later
to try and say the holocaust never happened
with survivors still walking the earth
millions of bodies
endless hours of footage
endless witnesses
endless painful memories
for millions of people
blood and death of millions and millions

it just boggles the mind
but for anyone who clearly knows it happened
cause ya know they were in the war
to try and appease
mindless ignorants
who refuse to believe the holocaust happened
is beyond idiotic
so please
tell me this is not true about the U.K.

tell me its not

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