Sunday, January 20

Martin's day

martin luther king day is upon us
and it's a day that reminds us of two things
how far this country has come when it comes to racism
and how far we still have to go

my 10 year old god-daughter the great and adorable Z read a speech about doctor king
on the steps of city hall yesterday
those steps were her first step
towards a life that i believe will include much fighting against injustice

my god-daughter; half black, half white, part indian, part irish catholic
with a jewish lesbian god-mother and christian and moslem grand-parents.. might just be exactly the person this country needs as president 40 or 50 years from now
she's certainly a great young lady, growing greater every day

yes im proud of her
of course
and i have also learned a lot from her
thru her eyes.. less innocent with each on-coming year...
astonished to learn that there ever was such a thing as a lynching

her eyes
astonished to see that people can actually hurt each other
just because of the color of their skin

i'm used to it
like we all are

i'm not innocent to victim-hood

i know what it's like to be the only jew in a school
i know what it's like to be the only woman in a man's job
i know what it's like to be the only gay person (at least that admits it)
in a homophobic environment

and while i don't know what it feels like to be the victim of intolerance
based on the color of my skin
i do know what it feels like to be attacked because of who i choose to love (not that it's a choice) or how i choose to pray

it is the year 2008
we have a woman, a catholic and a black man
all running towards the presidency

the times oh
they are a changing

but we still have a long way to go
and in remembering this great man tomorrow
i plan to think too
what act of peace
and strength
can i do in his honor

we've come a long way baby
but there's still miles of road ahead