Sunday, January 13

obama wama

ok i dont have anything against obama
except for that fact that he's only been in the senate for 2 years
and i don't think that's enough experience to get him elected
what i'm afraid of is this
if he were to become the democratic nominee
then we'd just be giving the white house back to the republicans
because they would use his lack of experience as a free ride to the white house
in a time whe the country is so sick of the bush agenda
that even republicans would vote democrat
id hate to see short-sighted-ness help the right wingers

sure a ton of americans are voting for obama because of race
and a ton are voting for him because they want a change
and a ton because hes the only candidate they dont hate
and then or course a ton because they like him
and as it turns out more then a few because they think he's cute
and a whole hunk of a ton because of Opra
but i worry

aside from his lack of experience the only other thing that bothers me about him
are his conservative values
i just dont want to see any more church in the white house
after 8 years of bush
i feel like im back in the spanish inquisition
were obama to become the democratic nominee
of course i would champion him
because this country needs to get out of the republican agenda
while we still have a living soldier
and few pennies left
but my vote is still for hillary

i dont like everything she's done
she plays it safe too often
stays in the middle without taking a stand
as much as id like her to
notably on the subject of gay rights
but i think shes smart
shes got the experience both in the senate
and in the white house
and i think having bill in the white house
is an added bonus
i thinks shes strong enough
decent enough
and i think quite honestly
having a woman in office would be a nice change

and about change
it bothers me that when everyone talks about
a change they dont include hillary
because its not a change from the clinton years they are talking about really
but a change from the last 8 years

like i said i dont have much against obama
i just think he'd be one big ass christmas gift
to the folks who really truly dont want a change at all

what do you think

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