Monday, January 7

women's lib?

i had an interesting chat with some foreigners
the other night
after obama took iowa
the question was
is this country more ready to elect a person of color
then a person of well.. estrogen
you see for some time
i've thought that the dirty little secret of the u.s.
is that while civil rights continues to make strides
women's rights has stalled in the water
well partially because people don't think there are any more women's rights problems
the glass ceilings throughout corporate america and everywhere else
don't seem to get much interest
so long as they can't be proven
sexual harrassment was the only major women's right issue to hit the media
and its not really a women's issue entirely as men can be harrassed too

women's lib is like some kind of a 70's joke

hey dont get me wrong
its not that hillary is opressed
lord knows
shes super powerful
i mean shes a senator for crying out loud
and a wealthy one at that
and may still
be our next president
but the conversation
is interesting

just how far has the women's right movement really gone
and how much prejudice is still left in this country
about equal pay
equal power
equal respect
for women

its not pc to say racist words that i wont repeat here
but its common place to say bitch
i call myself one all the time

just food for thought here
what do you think?

is the last hurrah of human rights

about the sexes?

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