Friday, January 28

the bitch is brewing

i dunno know honeys
but this cold is far too much for my nyc nerves
i went around the corner last night to meet a pal and her new boy toy
for drinks
and felt like i got frostbite in the two block
but honey
after meeting her new boy
who is from shri lanka
i pretty quickly felt i had NADA to bitch about
nada at all
still on the hunt for the last kitten
still no sign of her/him

on other news
i catered a cocktail soiree for 125 party planners
and honey there is no more difficult crowd to cook for
they have seen it all
eaten it all
and are bored and jaded beyond all reason
one piece of chive out of place
and it would be hell
but it was a blast
and a huge hit
and now im
rolling in the aftermath of having
kicked some tuchas

its always nice
when you are a neurotic
somewhat self-deprecating
to be reminded that you are somewhat
fabu upon occasion

on other news
i must say
it was great to take a break from politics
and world events
to save kittys for a week
sorta my back to nature thing

but i do feel my inner bitch
boiling to the surface again
so get ready
this lull is just about over

i am woman hear me roarrrr