Tuesday, January 25

saved another sweetie pie

well kids
after nearly giving up
i caught ZORO in the snow last night
Zoro is my fave of the kittens
he (we think)
white with a black mask
was first to let me touch him
first to the food
first to come when called
honey the poor thing
after probably days trapped with no food
lord knows where
he came out and walked into my
Racoon trap
but never hissed
never tried to scratch or bite
Susan the rescue expert came over and gave him a little bath
and flea medicine
even clipped his nails
and just a few squeaks came out of him
ive got him a large cage filled with a hammock
and cat litter pan
that he thinks its a bed
and hes doing fine
i feel like keeping him
but my two old cats would ruin his sweet life
or ruin mine
so im gonna let susan keep him
or find him a home
but dang hes sweet

now theres just one lone kitty out in the cold
little blacky
the most timid of them all
hes my next project

after that
i can go back to my regularly scheduled life
whatever that was
see ya