Sunday, January 23

blizzard shmizzard

well here i am in the friggen snowstorm/blizzard
of the north east
not sure what the difference is
between a huge snow storm
and a blizzard
but this sure feels blizzardy to me
i got up early yesterday am to try and trap the last two kittens before the blizzard
so far i caught mom
who i sent to be fixed and boarded at the vet
caught the first sweet little girl Taco
and managed to catch who i thought was Tacos twin sister Nacho
but Susan was quick to inform me that Nacho was a boy
and a rather mean one too
so i dont know if she will keep nacho or not
but she did keep him for a few days
and we are getting him fixed today in the blizzard
so wish us luck

then susan brought by two traps and we tried in vain all am
to catch the last two kittens
Zoro my fave
and little blackie
who is sweet and timid

but no luck
and then the blizzard started

so i can only hope they found a safe, warm, place to hide
i know they havent eaten for days


its hard being a rescue mommy

on other news
i actually went out in this white madness last night
all the way from the lower east side
to 109th and columbus
for my good pal Mihas
that he just insisted i come to

it was a crazy
cab ride from hell dear
but i made it
and so did a lot of other
very stoic new yorkers

we are a sturdy lot
so we drank kvetched
and ate
and then it was the roller coaster ride home

today i am staying put
talking La c into lighting a fire to sit in front of
and staring out my window
in hopes that a kitten might peer its little head out

speaking of which

both of my 16 year old cats
have colds
and it sounds like dueling fog horns in the night