Friday, January 21

Orange Alert

By the way
for those wondering
I was in complete denial yesterday about the baby Bush's inauguration
partially because it's just too sad and horrible to realize that a smidgen over half this country actually re-elected the biggest idiot , liar, anti-rights advocate, war monger and out and out yahoo...i have ever seen in office

and partially because well
i just hate the guy

being a democrat
and more so
being a pro-gay, pro-choice, humanist
in this country
right now
is a painful
painful thing

i'd like to tell you a bit of what it feels like

being lets say an orange skinned
with a passion for dancing
a passion for dancing so great
that you can not stop dancing
at the slightest tune
your feet start to step
your hips start to shimmy and shake

all your life
while it was considered a bit bold
a bit irregular
your constant
stepping to the beat
it was also
sometimes applauded
because you live
in America

then one day
America elects a man
who makes it known
out loud
and proud
that he believes orange skinned people are not entitled to the same
basic human rights as other skinned people
and then
day by day
he keeps shutting off
and turning the volume down on the music
and every day you read about someone going to jail
for dancing in public
for dancing to the wrong songs
for dancing in the wrong way
and you
and half the country scream out in outrage

but the non orange skinned people
and the people who don't dance
antd the people who can't dance
and the people
who like to dance a little but can live without it
and the people who love to dance but are too scared to
defend it
they re-elect this president
for a second term

they give reasons like
"you can't uproot a president in a time of war"
"he's a republican and so are we ..we love our orange skinned friends
but our daddy was a republican"
"he's a cowboy..a real man..."
"he's gonna make American safe"

how would you feel
about this country??

how would you feel today
in the land of the free
when the music was shut off
and orange was only
as a security alert

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