Thursday, January 20

kitty love

well my entire life these days
can be summed up in one work


it all started a few months back
when we discovered the large female tabby with the cross eyes
we call her "Mommy"
had a litter in the garden next to our parking lot
the kittens were a couple months old the first time I saw them
and Mommy wouldn't let us anywhere near them

La Cubana built cat houses, (like dog houses with smaller openings)
in our parking lot and insulated them
and started to feed the kittys every day
there were two older cats, maybe 8 months old
both tom cats and wild
we thought maybe older kids of Mommy
so all in all- 4 kittens, 2 toms and mommy
and old tom- (daddy)
8 cats
Daddy disappeared, we think died
and we wanted to catch the babies
but they were so attached to mommy we didnt have the heart
(a mistake now i think)
by the time they were 4 months old
i started the process of figuring out what to do
a whole lotta people gave me advice
"Catch them, spay them foster them
and try to domesticate them"
i cant and dont know how to catch them
have no idea how to foster a semi wild cat
and have no home for them
and feel bad about sending them back out to the cold

la cubana said "they have a great life here, they all sleep together in the houses
plenty to eat...spay them release them"

now the kittens are 5 months old
and adorable
ive been able to pet a few of them while they were eating
and my favorite "Zoro" with the black mask
ate out of my hand

so i enlisted "susan" from a great local cat rescue place
called City Critters
she came over with her trap
and we caught a female kitten
i paid for her to be fixed and a full work up
and Susan agreed to foster her
at first the vet said kitty was totally feral
and could not be taken in
but a few days in Susans warm home
and "Nacho" first sign that Susan fell in love she named her
has turned sweet
Susan now says she will not send Nacho back
and she has also said
she will leave her trap with me
and if I have one of Nachos sisters fixed
she will take her too

Brad a local rescue boy
said he will take in at least one cat

so we're moving along
of course its snowing
and freezing
and i havent seen any of the kittens for days

i am praying they found a warm place to hide in
but worried i wont be able to catch any
now that i have homes for two more
and honey

200 bucks a kitty
and there are at least 6 more
no vacations for moi

so here i am
looking out the window
at the snow
hoping my babies are all right

and before you ask
yes i am in love with Zoro
and want him
but i have two 16 year old cats
both near the end of their life
and the last time i tried to take in a stray
my girl
peed and vomited over every square inch of my home
so this is the best i can do

where are my babies
i hope they are warm

one should never name them
it makes it so much harder to say goodbye