Sunday, January 16

the inner art war

well all the stars are doing the Tsunami relief thing now
and i think that's a very good thing
i've always felt that if you'd have the good forture to become a major celebrity
it really is a moral obligation on your part to use your fame for something good
instead of just screwing everything that moves, drinking, drugging and shopping..

i'd like to think were i ever to become a major celeb
i'd use my well known "punam" to drum up wads of moolah for all sorts of great causes

then i'd get to the screwing everything that moves, and umm the shopping

its a cold dreary looking sunday morning in nyc
i catered a ratherrrrrrr difficult wedding last night

the writer/painter in me hasn't been seen
since last time I went to provincetown
and i'm starting to feel like some sort of

but thats my own inner artist turmoil
acting up when it feels like its losing the battle with the job i do to pay the bills
i'm sure
all the creative folks out there go thru this
when not lucky enough to pay the bills thru the craft they are most passionate about