Thursday, January 13

50 million dollar party

is it me
or does it feel a bit gross
that in the wake of all this death and distruction
a two term president is spending something close to 50 million bucks on his inauguration party

i know ive said it before
but it just feels gross to me

i say scale down the party
big time
throw a simple 10 million dollar event with all volunteers
and make a public gesture out of giving the remaining 40 million to the tsunami victims
talk about a world wide statement

but then
bush doesn't have to worry about getting elected again
now all he has to do is keep the
dynastry alive by pushing his baby brother..

i just hate this guy

here's another big concern i have
as the very butt end of the baby boomers

i don't want my social security screwed with
i want to have it when i retire

i know the republican party is supposed to be all about less government
but whats next
deciding public schools are socialist?

leave my ss money alone

i just hate this guy
i really do
have i expressed this enough?