Saturday, January 1

a sad new year for so many

well its a new year
and its a gorgeous, sunny, almost spring like day
here in nyc
the warmest jan 1
i can remember in
well that i can remember
last night
la c (yep la c)
took me to
a private members only arts club in gramercy park
oh it was very shi shi and all
felt like we had stepped back into time
into the victorian era
with gray haired great dames in ballroom gowns
lots of stained glass and mahogany
and a band playing tunes from yesteryear
at our table sat a british woman who told me her boyfriend was
on an island in the tsunami region and had started his own private relief fund by begging money from all his friends and had taken it upon himself to raise the money to helicopter in food for 2,500 victims for one month
now thats a hero
and what a special, sad but heroic new years he must be having
that kind of goodness of course, reminded me of the kindness, bravery and selflessness i saw so much of in those early days after "911"
that is, perhaps the only silver lining in this terrible black cloud of death and suffering
that so many care
that so many want to help
i understand today
on this lovely new years day
that for countless people along the indian ocean
this is the worst new years of their wildest imagination
so for them
i say a prayer
may this be it for your suffering
you've done enough
you've lost too much
you've suffered too much
may no more bad things come your way in your lifetime
may you find joy and happiness in the aftermath of your great sorrow
your pain is felt
across the globe
and although of course, you will not have a happy new year
i wish you one anyway