Friday, July 30

lotsa stuff

hey folks
i must admit
i have missed a lot of the democratic convention
okay most of it
but i did catch the highlights
hey sue me
ive been in catering hell
i gotta say
i really like that john edwards
a real wipper snapper that one
sort of the best of al gore and the best of bill clinton rolled into one
i find myself wishing he was running
but then i guess VP is close too
it sure is the first time i recall ever paying that much attention to a VP candidate
and i gotta give john kerry credit for having a running mate that is more charismatic, much better looking and all round probably more likable then he is
hes sorta taking the jerry seinfeld approach here
i mean hey what was seinfeld without the side kicks?
i figure this either means john kerry is really confident
or really smart or both
cause edwards definately is the juice to a somewhat bland dude
hopefully this will be enough to get these guys to the white house

anyway on other news
for those who REALLY want to know whats up with the big ass milestone birthday for moi

la cubana
yes shes making brownie points here
is throwing me a surprise birthday party
i know about cause
hey im a nozy bitch was you expect
but i dont know any of the details
so ill let you know how it went once i recupe
from what i assume will be a wild night
after some wild birthday action
not to mention catering a wedding this weekend
this mama is running off
to her little itty bitty super tiny apartment on the beach
for a whole month of writing
and finding my inner creative soul once again

i have a painting hanging in the Provincetown Art Association Museum Summer Members Show
and got 180 pages written on my long ass short story turning into a novella
so creative juices

dont worry dears
i will be giving you updates
from the land of gay love, fabulous art and excellant water views


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