Wednesday, July 28

Milestone birthday ride

well honeys
let me tell you
this here blondacious darling is on an emotional rock and roll rollercoaster
ya see
i've got the big ass milestone birthday coming up this weekend
woooo man
i am torn between all the things i wanted to do by the time i turned
um.. 21?
and all the things i hope i still have time to do before i turn um.. 31?
im supposed to start getting evasive about my age now
aint i?

you know its weird
cause my entire young adult life
i always did things 10 years before i was supposed to
always looked 10 years older then i was too
at 15 i was the one everyone sent out to buy beer
cause i never got carded

thankfully by the time i turned 27 or 28
that all seemed to start evening out

on my last milestone birthday
i was amazed at how oh.. half the things on my list
including owning my own home finally (wooo hooo)
all happened the month of my birthday
it was like a last dash to the finish line

so here i am
my biological clock is about to spin its last
warning alarm
i never did become a world famous
writer or painter
and i find myself turning to grandma moses
as a role model
but on the other hand
there are a few things
i now choose
to concentrate on

at my 20 year high school reunion
i was amazed at how most of the other alumni
seemed to have settled into middle age
and into a life that maybe they didnt choose but just got taken by
they all looked like well dressed middle aged drones plodding along

i love that heading into this milestone
i am living my life
and still dreaming
and still hoping
and still trying
and still reaching
and yeah
maybe the fame, success, kids and marriage didnt happen
but hey!
i can still adopt...
and i can still marry
and i can still achieve creative success and acknowledgement
i mean shit
i have got spunk
and lots of energy
and i look good in a bikini (considering the milestone and all)
and most of all
i have a surprisingly low amount of cellulite
so there!!

here i go
head first into the next phase of the rossi story
wish me luck