Tuesday, July 27


well its politics
and politics
as things start heating up
for the election
i caught a bit of Bills speech
and i gotta say
the dude looks great
post president stuff has really agreed with him
i always liked bill
actually he was the first president we ever had that i really liked
and bush senior was the first president i ever hated
and his son the baby bush is the first president ive ever
feared and hated
no i dont fear the baby bush personally
im pretty sure i could kick the shit out of the little prick
but i do fear what another term would do to this country
and to this world

i dont like the picture the baby bush wants us to think
that to be kind
to be careful
to be smart
to be concerned about working with the other countries in this world
means to cave into terrorism
im pretty damn sure you can do all this at the same time

id like to see a president up there
who is not a kazillion dollar trust fund baby
whos VP
did not run a major terrorist associated corporation
and who knew how to make nice
with oh
other world leaders

i liked seeing Clinton on TV
and i miss seeing a president on TV
that I like
im still pissed at this country for ruining his last two years in office
obsessing about where he put his cigar
and im still convinced that if we weren't so obsessed with Lewinsky
"911" might not have happened
think about it

if the Baby Bush wins the next election
im officially calling for a revolution
its time to fight for our independance once again