Saturday, July 24

stuff and more stuff

hey honeys
ive been knee deep in rice noodles and bok choy
in catering hell
and ive lost touch with world events for the last few days
so sorry not to post
but you know how it can be
don't ya?
i do have a few things id like to bitch about if you would endulge me dearies
top of my list is this

if you hate what you are doing for a living
then either QUIT! for crying out loud
or suck it up, put on a fake face and go to fucking work
but don't bring everyone else down by moaning and groaning and bitching
and complaining all damn day and night
grow up and suck it up!

other things i'd like to bitch about are
the fact that the Republican convention is coming to NYC
and my whole damn town is gonna be in traffic hell
not to mention chuck full of men with really bad hair cuts
and really, really bad suits

would also like to bitch about this
it would appear
that i have another birthday coming up next weekend
and its shall we say, one of those turning point birthdays
you know a mile stone
and there were so many things i was supposed to do before i turned
im feeling rather old
and never did
publish that novel
have th 2.5 kids
or achieve zero body fat
but im working on it
i am

lastly...i'd like to bitch about "Spiderman Two"
my god did that movie suckkkkkkkkk
just stupid
hey It's called a plot and even action flicks need one
im in the wrong biz

thats all i got in me for now
see ya