Monday, July 19


hoooey darlings
this little darlin rocked on last night
my old neighbor K took me to the huge ass Prince concert in New Jersey last night
i know
i just seem to be getting sucked in N.J. every second these days
and oddly i have not been to the Continental Arena since i went to see Bruce there who i have already mentioned kicked ass in concert
but i dont like the dude personally
but i digress
my point is
how the hell long has it been since Prince did a concert tour?
10 years
and how old is this guy?
45? what?
i mean honey
he is 90 pounds of pure raw energy
this little thing
was like the reincarnation of
sly from the family stone, jimmie hendrix
and just a bit of frank zappa
all rolled up into one little flirty
bad ass little mo-fo
i loved that he dragged a whole bunch of some of shall we say
the large ladies up on stage to dance with him
showed class
this seems to be the era of my seeing folks i am not fans of
but fans of in concert
i have never purchased a Prince Cd (or album)
but honey
this was a concert of a lifetime
i just wanted to take that little itty bitty boy home
give him a sex change
and make him my bitch
what can i say
i like a hairy chested lesbian