Saturday, July 17


Do you ever feel like youíre the last honest business person in the world?

Honeys let me tell you.

Thatís how Iím feeling big time today.

I shall mention no names, but a business associate of mine made an agreement with me recently. I then proceeded to change my entire life around that agreement only to get a call from her a few days ago, just before we were supposed to sign contracts to basically let me know that while I was changing my entire life around our agreement, she had been negotiating behind my back with someone else to make a better deal for herself.

But you know, she wants to stay friends and business associates even if itís oh, a bit too pesky to compensate me for any of the loss I've suffered in all of this.

Honeyís I have had it. I truly am beginning to think that there is just no reward for being a descent, honest, ethical woman in the world of business especially in New York City.

What is the pay-back exactly? To be stomped on, screwed over and totally messed with by supposed nice people?!

Well thereís another side of me too.

And its just as honest and just as ethical.

That side is the one that goes into full scale battle mode when Iíve been lied to and cheated.

That is the side of me that will do anything it takes to right this wrong.

That is the side of me few of met and the few who have are still shaking their head in astonishment and in some cases, in horror.

Because people think that just because you are an honest, decent, kind person, that you wonít fight back, you wontí defend yourself.

And what people donít realize is that sometimes the fiercest warriors are the ones who have the most goodness in their hearts.

Iím tired of being lied to, tired of being cheated and tired of being tossed about like a piece of trash by people who smile in my face and act like they give a hoot about me.

Iím putting on my armor, my shield, got my sword and my bow and arrow.

Got a slingshot for Goliath too.

You might wanna stand back a bit.

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