Wednesday, July 14

this land

sung to the tune of
"This land is your land" or whatever the song title of that is...

This land is your landdddd
this land is my landdddddd
from the Iraq borderrrrrr
to Staten Islanddddddd

From the oil tanks in Saudi arabiaaaaaaa
to the Halliburton empireeeeeeeeee
this land was made for you and meeeeeeeeee
unless you're gay, pregnant and want an abortion or anyone who speaks out against the war of course
this land was made for you and meeeeeeeeeeeee

howdy chitlens
and welcome once again to my brain

here i sit on day 3 of grey, gloom and funky rain
but i am about to leave on a pilgramage for the town of my youth
Asbury Park New Jersey

yes dears
growing up Asbury was a close to city life as I got
its a big town, not a small city
and when i was a kid it was alive with giant department stores
roller coasters, skee-ball, the palace where i traded in all my pifered coupons for the entire James Bond action set
and much much cotton candy

by the time i reached high school
ruin had already began to set into Asbury
my beloved amusements disappeared

but Asbury was still a haven for gay folks
something rare in NJ in the late 70's early 80's honeys
i went to my first gay bar in Asbury "The Odyssey"
and my second gay bar "The M&K"
i kissed a girl
i danced
i wooped it up
i thought honey this is living

then they boarded up the palace
they stopped replacing the glass on the art deco convention center

I moved to NYC when i was 16
and everytime since then that i returned to Asbury
another slice of its art deco wonder years was in ruin

now to the tears of many a historian
they tore down the palace
and artists
and pioneers
and grass roots cool people are at it again
and Asbury is coming back
having an arty, funky edgy
new york style
and i aim to be a part of it somehow
even if it does take almost two hours to get there

i shall keep you posted

this land it your landddddddddd
this land is my landdddddddd
from the drag queens of Asburyyyyyyy
to the dyke soccer moms of queensssssss
from the boys who love boysss
to the babes who love babes
this land was made for you and meeeeeeeee
so stop trying to away my ^%$$##^&&*# right to marry!!!!