Sunday, July 11

satan junior

MY, my my how energetic George Dubya Bush is
While in the midst of skirting mainstream outrage against him taking us to war with false and faulty info..
He still finds time to fight for a constitutional amendment to stop gay marriage..

Wow, Georgy Poo must take his vitamins in between golfing and sport shooting…

What a cowboy!

Yesindeedeee the baby bush just doesn’t wanna see any queers get hitched under his watch..

Wanted dead of straight…. He’s probably saying behind closed doors right now

Isn’t it just so refreshing to have a born-again Christian in the white house
Cause you know America is all about forcing religious beliefs on the non believers..aren’t we?

So what’s next for Georgy Pooo since he’s got all this energy flowing?

Hmmm how bout a nice inquisition Spanish style circa late 1490’s…

Sure…first the baby bush can stop all the equal rights for gay Americans
Then he can force them to either convert to heterosexuality or be tortured to death, their money and property seized by his chosen crew of clergy..

Oh what a grand day it will be for the loyal flocks of the Christian Right

And after all it’s the kindest thing they can do as good Christians because if they let the evil gay people continue to have sex with the same sex why they are surely sentencing those queers to eternal damnation
Now aren’t they?

So here’s to you George W Bush for all your energy
And for your non stop mission to fight satan wherever you can..

Only one problem little bushy

Seems you’re becoming quite the little devil in the process… but awww those horns look so cute on you

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