Tuesday, July 6

This girl is scared

Well love-bugs
Here I am in Greenport Long Island
Where I have gone on my annual pilgrimage with my goddaughter Z so we can bond and so I can bond with my best gal pal T..

Its basically 6 days in which Rossi gets to explore her inner mom and I find out that yes, yes, yes, I love my goddaughter and I love the idea of raising a kid
But no, no, no IM NOT READY…

Anyway Greenport used to be a sleepy little cute town, very anti-hamptons, filled with fat tourists and bikers and locals drinking beer and downing fried shrimp…

But not its getting a tad trendy, with hip little new york esqe hotels popping up and restaurants in monotone colors and more then a few oh so cute places to get a cappuccino…even the dive bar in town now offers internet access.

It was bound to happen dears
Bound to happen..

Anyway being in Greenport on the 4th of July feels a lot like being in America central
It’s a very patriotic town..flags everywhere, fireworks cracking from half a dozen houses..

Its an easy town, with a super kid friendly edge, but there is enough all American conservative-ness.. to keep me from..well marching thru town a t-shirt that reads..
LICK BUSH… if you know what I mean..

But honeys..i have been thinking about Bush a lot while ive been hear..and NOT THE GOOD KIND…jeez couldn’t they have given the buy another name..now im gonna have to start calling it chochita…or muffy…or some such thing..

Anyway…here’s what ive been thinking..

I had a hell of a lot of readers after “911” who read my site for the first person point of view of watching the towers fall, volunteering at ground zero and then basically spending a year of my life crying about it. Hey sue me the shit fucked me up okay?!

A lot of right wingers loved my pro-Israel rants… (Zionism makes strange bed fellows) but honeys the second I started on my pro gay stuff, half of them fell off my world and after the first anti-bush rant the rest of them fell off my world..

So I’ve got less readers now and its sad..for moi cause of course I love being popular ( get a date for the prom…the whole shebang) I mean im a writer I long to be read..

But I can’t, won’t and don’t alter how I feel to court readers..

My fave readers are the ones who read my site even though they don’t agree with me and my fave sites are the ones I read who welcome my comments even though I don’t always agree with them..

I would call that…the American way..

So here’s what I need to say and if you don’t agree with me that’s fine…and if you want to leave me a comment that’s fine too..but play nice okay… you can get your point across respectfully… it just takes taking a deep breath first..

From the bottom of my heart… I really and truly am afraid of what will happen to this country if Bush is re-elected.

Honeys the first time of any president is only a glimpse of what they are about, cause they’re still worried about being re-elected. It’s the second term in which they crank.

In his first term george DUBYA bush junior… took us to war and lied about the reasons why, snuck in and took away some of our serious rights of liberty with The Patriot Act, went to war taking millions of tax payer dollars with him against the rights of gays to marry, decided that a women’s right to choose was not hers after all and starting doing just about everything he could to push us back to the days of back-room abortions, pretty much annihilated all of the world wide support we had built up with Clinton our master schmoozer and, oh, his pipe-line dreams aren’t exactly the best for the environment either.

But that’s okay cause Bush doesn’t care about what will happen to the earth after hes dead. He needs to get that oil here and now. Damn those pesky consequences.

Honeys I don’t really know how I feel about John Kerry. He hasn’t stirred up in me fits of respect, affection anything like that. But I do know he is NOT George Dubya Bush and for now, that’s good enough for me.

I’m frightened and yes, of course, part of me is frightened of another September 11th, but most of me is frightened of a president who has harnessed and magnified and amplified our fears to play us like suckers.

I’m frightened of a president who had made millions and millions of dollars with the Saudi’s who magically never seem to appear as enemy targets even though they create, house, spark, finance and give birth to a huge ass chunk of the terrorism this president says he taking away our civil rights to fight.

I’m scared.

And im sitting here in all America Long Island with hundreds of flags and baby strollers and smiling happy people holding hands…and I’m wondering how long we’ll all be smiling.