Saturday, July 3

Virginia is NOT for Lovers

As the 4th of July approaches
we are supposed to be excited about barbecues
celebrating this great country of America
where we gained our freedom from the Brits
and have stood out as an open, democratic, free society…where all men (and women) are supposed to be equal

for 228 years now..

but on this 4th of july i am thinking of Virginia
the state that sits between the north and south of this country
but has always swayed south

Virginia has done what i did not think anyone could do in this modern political arena
shocked the hell out of me

by demanding a ban on gay rights, by denying gays in their state the rights to protect each other
in domestic partnerships, in insurance and in all the other ways,
we gay americans have after many, many generations of strife finally been able to gain for ourselves elsewhere in this country

Virginia basically just said no to gay rights, setting the state back to an ideology from before Stonewall..

For the next little ditty I will quote directly from my fave queer site and the one marked on my linky love list “Queerday”

“Fearful that wills, medical directives and other contracts between gays and lesbians will be undone by legislation that takes effect about 300 people filled a Roanoke church Wednesday night to decry what is being called the nation's most extreme anti-gay law.
The gathering, one of seven across Virginia, was both a gay-rights pep rally and a planning session on how to challenge the law.
More than a dozen speakers lambasted the Affirmation of Marriage Act, passed by the General Assembly to outlaw civil unions and other such arrangements.
Critics and some legal scholars say that the law actually could go much further, invalidating wills, power-of-attorney agreements, insurance benefits and other legal agreements held by gay couples.
Starting today, rally organizer Molly McClintock told the crowd, gays will enter "banks, hospitals, schools and other institutions not knowing if they can protect their partners, their families and their assets."

I also need to say thanks to Dave of Interrobang who popped me an email to wake me up to this shit, while I was till in vacation mode
thanks dave

Its funny how human rights works
One huge step forward like Massachusetts is always met with a hate filled backlash from the ignorant, the racist, the homophobic, the scared shitless

This 4th of July I urge you
To speak out against the onslaught against human rights that has just happened in Virginia
To say loud
To say proudly
To say

“I am an American and I demand that all Americans be treated equally in this country!”

To say too

“ I am an American and I demand that my government speak for me, not to me and not against me.”

Whatever happened to Virginia is for lovers anyway??!!