Sunday, June 29


i'd like to talk to you all about a hot new thing
something lush and exciting
and yet professional
and yet
im not talking about me
hmm or am I?
i am talking about what might seem like the love child of "Gawker" and "Planet Out"
a brand new web site dedicated to gay news
things of gay interest
you name it
called "Queer Day"
why do i know so much about this?
you ask
don't ya
because i happen to be great pals with the co-creator and editrix
my own editrix of several years and the web guru behind rossirant
nancy aka jillmatrix aka lamatrix
aka wonderwoman
nancy and her pal philo of "east west" fame
have created this site to be a one stop source for everything queer and lovely
i'm so damn proud of lamatrix i could just plotz
here i go again
im plotzing
oyyyy veyyy
if you're queer
you will want to read this
every day
and if you're straight you
will want to read this periodically
to know what we queers (the leaders in fashion, entertainment and etiquette) are thinking
so check it out


i have conveniently added the link for your pleasure

i love
that i get to announce this on
NYC gay pride day
how cool is that

lacubana and i are going to the Plaza darling to scare all the tourists and then its off to the parade

by the way
to all the folks who seem to have stopped reading my web site
because presumably
i've gone from being pro israel
NOT anti war
and pro blowing away every living terrorist
to being
Norma Gay Ray
i have this to say
in the words of the immortal
"michele" from small victory
(see link on the left..you know im way to laze to type in the code)

"fuck ya"!!!!!!

if i can't say whats on my mind
i should shut up and go home
im gonna keep on ranting

oh and a quick message to Strom Thurmond
thanks for dropping dead
you craggly old bastard
so glad you got to live long enough to hear about the reversal of the sodomy laws

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