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this and that and those

hey kids
just a few things to rant about
first of all i gotta know
did mitt romney really drive to canada with his dog or his dog in a bin
tied to the roof?
david letterman’s been joking about this every night
and i gotta know if its true

on other news
love that obama struck a deal today to get some money from the
bad big banks and into the pockets of victims struggling with fore-closure
i do hope congress stops being ruled by the party of NO
and starts offering more help with refinancing
but im glad obama was able to get something great done without the NO No bastards
i like it when dems and republicans can work together

as to the repubs i gotta say i can’t stand rick santorum
but i like that he just caused this big upset
winning three states, romney was just a bit too smug for my nerves
although between newt rick and mitt
if i had to have one of them romney seems the least horrible

feeling way bad for syria
and worse about how to help them
if america gets into it
then we’re also in yet another war
not to mention tangling with russia and china
who are backing the bastard syrian super prick

so i guess it’s gonna be lots of under the table
helping and hoping others jump in
i wish it didnt always have to america who does the right thing
maybe we are so broke and strapped from our economy
that it would be nice if some other folks would jump in
but watching the footage of all those murdered children
does feel about as bad as it gets
and americans well we have a heart don’t we?

here’s hoping for peace soon for syria
a new owner for romney’s dog
a nice break for american home-owners
and a hearty how-are-you to gail and ratney for your groovy comments

rock on


1 Ratney { 02.10.12 at 5:43 am }

There’s a lot of stuff here in this post to talk about. Highly contentious issues for which the general public gets fed bullshit from the MSM. But for this comment, I’ll just stick to the dog story. From what I can find out, it was a pretty fucked-up thing to do, although he did make some sort of windscreen. It’s a useful story to illustrate what a jerk he is, but as in the “Obama’s birth certificate” saga, I feel it is being used as a diversion to lead people’s thoughts away from the REAL concerns about his suitability as a leader.

PS, are you going to brag about yourself on the radio again this Monday? It’s so cool when you do that. No, seriously… I think Cape Cod had a minor seismic tremor a couple of weeks ago when you were describing your “Rack”. The crows out in the back yard started screeching (they were going TA TAAHH, TA TAAHHH, TA TAAHHHS) and my cats got in a fight over who gets to lie on the down vest. Somewhere in the distance I thought I heard the twin booms of an Otis F-16 going supersonic out over the ocean.

2 gail { 02.10.12 at 12:19 pm }

That is pretty darn AWESOME… Thanks for the shout out!!!!! I love reading your posts. Miss seein you lady

3 rossi { 02.11.12 at 6:47 am }

right back at ya lady!