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state of union

I have to admit Hillary Clinton has been looking pretty darn tired since she took the job as secretary of state, but lord who could wonder why since she’s been jetting around the planet trying to negotiate peace.

Hearing she wants to retire or at least take a nice long break, is a bit sad cause I like her being part of the action, but if ever there was cause to be pooped she’s earned her rest.

I still had a moment watching Obama give his State of the Union address when I wished it was Hillary standing up there. She would have made a great president.

But Obama, I have to say, is pretty darn good. He left me feeling hopeful and uplifted and charmed. I mostly appreciated his call to stop partisan bull-shit (not his words of course) and join together to get the job done.

I would like to stop hearing about the party of NO, republicans and the loosey goosey democrats and just start hear about what the hell they are doing to fix our economy.

Get rid of loopholes for the uber rich and give a break to the middle-class.
Who on earth could really argue with that and look the un-employed in the face?!

It’s going to take that and a lot more to really fix things.

I’d like to see clean energy be on the top of the list. Really in the end, if we destroy our planet it’s not going to really matter how much money anyone has. We’ll all be home less or floating around mars.

I don’t want to go to Mars. No two-play toilet paper there!

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1 Ratney { 01.29.12 at 9:06 am }

What you’re suggesting (and quite rightly) will definitely fix things. I’d add ending the Occupations and covert wars, both boots on the ground and drone, and downsizing the military by a huge amount. One big problem, though. It’s a fact that the two politicians you mention in this post have always proven that when the time comes to actually use their power they have acted on the side of the Ruling Class and the Military Industrial Complex every time. Change won’t come from them. It has to come from somewhere else. I can’t say what that would be, but if you click on my name up above…